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Tailored strategy

Constantly innovating, excelling, it’s in the blood of any profitable company. But in these changing times in terms of technology, sustainability and humanity, competition is fiercer than ever and it is harder for many companies to gain more market share.

So how can you continue to grow as a company? A clear strategy and implementation is the solution. Revaio already has several years of experience in this area in particular with small and large companies including Radius, SportMed and Wevecs. Curious about our strategic choice for your (digital) strategy?

From analysis to strategy to (digital) positioning

We proceed in several steps to methodically and in collaboration with you to find the best strategy for your company. This goes as follows:

? Step 1: Together we start a conversation to determine the objectives and get to know your company better. This information helps us to get a complete picture of the entire market.
? Step 2: We analyze your company, competitors, the market and trends to find out how a positioning is possible.
? Step 3: We develop a strategic framework in which your company can better compete. Using various strategies such as a brand archetype, Business Model Canvas and more, we ensure an executable strategy at all levels.
? Step 4: Together with your team, we work to transform the current positioning into the new, viable strategy.

This requires working points in the short, medium and long term to achieve the set goals.

Team strategic exercises also possible

In addition to the roadmap above, we previously conducted a series of strategic exercises for a research institution, for example, to determine which direction the company can take. This series of exercises are customized together with you in order to finally have a worked out strategy in team that is implementable.

Tools we use for a complete strategy

Every company is different, yet we use certain standards to ensure that we work objectively and methodically. It is obviously not limited to these tools, but it gives you an idea of the way we work. Some examples:

⭐ Competition matrix: a points quadrant on which we test your business against competitors with the advantages and disadvantages for each competitor.
Business Model Canvas: mapping the activities, unique value, partners, ... of your company.
⭐ Modern Customer Journey: The customer journey a visitor takes to eventually become a fan of your brand. Identifying this journey with associated touchpoints maps well to how we can optimize that journey.
⭐ Brand archetype: Communicating more transparently internally and externally by personalizing the current organization and where it is going.

And so much more that we are happy to coordinate with you in a conversation.

Suitable for both small and large enterprises or institutions

We have already delivered a variety of strategies, from smaller digital strategies to large team-based strategies. Depending on the objectives to be achieved and the type of strategy desired, we develop a customized plan.

Our strategists speaking

Stijn Belmans, as chief strategist of Revaio BV, has implemented all previous strategies. Several clients have already passed, all with a 100% satisfaction score. From a small IT specialist wanting to stand out in Flanders to a large fitness and health player in Belgium to even a non-profit research institution in insects.

Pieter recently joined the strategy team and will use his fresh perspective to help develop and implement strategies. With his expertise in the health sector and financial sector, he brings additional experience that allows us to think along on different levels of an appropriate strategy.

Wondering which strategy will ensure the achievement of your goals?

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