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A strong strategy and personal guidance during the rollout make your webshop profitable in the long term.

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Personal approach

Digital strategy

Decades of experience in web shops

The importance of an optimal web shop

Figures don't lie: E-commerce accounted for 31% of merchant sales in 2019. In 2020, this figure rises to almost 50%! An incredible figure, but according to research there are too few e-commerce webshops to compete with international players. Ensure long-term sustainable profitability and work out an optimal digital strategy that takes your business to the next level.

A rock-solid strategy to beat competitors

We help companies build a good strategy and processes and guide them through the rollout. This goes far beyond the pure webshop, but is about sustainable, digital strategy that can engage customers in the long term.

Een webshop die aanzet tot kopen

"As we increasingly live digital lives, we compensate this with human contact and intimate experiences" - Marian Salzman

Once a solid digital strategy is in place, we take it a step further and ensure an optimal experience. This is where we take a close look at the User Experience or UX. We also monitor conversions and get to work on realizing more sales through conversion optimization. Here we examine what customers really find important so that they find their way to a purchase faster.

Logistics optimization to say hello to

An equally important part of making your webshop profitable is optimizing the logistics flow. We look at all the competitive advantages that logistics can offer to put your brand on the map. We scrutinize order handling from picking to packaging to shipping. This is how we make the customer experience even more unique from A to Z.

Digital marketing with compelling KPIs

Now that all the important things about your webshop are optimized, it's time to actively find new customers. How? Through social media, search engines including Google, but also influencer marketing. We create an ideal marketing plan and constantly monitor for the highest return.

Sustainable business as an asset

Last, but not least, we check whether your webshop meets all sustainable standards. How do we ensure a more sustainable flow and what is the win for you? From Sustainable Development Goals to sustainable business in general, we help you further.

How do we proceed?

"The best way to get things done is to begin."

Everything starts with a brainstorm with the client to find out what their goals, means, reasons are for wanting to pursue a digital strategy
From this, we (as architects) draw a complete plan.

This plan we will develop and roll out together with the client through different touch points with the client so that the client feels involved (every step of the way). Think about:
- Developing the web shop:
- Operational rollout;
- Contracting with partners as needed:
- Writing out procedure/processes:
- Testing and keep testing;
- Rolling out marketing plan;
And so much more.

To whom does this apply?

"No niche is too small if it's yours."

We mainly focus on start-ups and SMEs. This way we can work together strongly and quickly to achieve optimal results.

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