Starting a business requires a lot of work and especially red tape.

That's why we are launching the Starters Service. An all-in-one package: from a new website to personal advice and indispensable tools to get started right away.

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Personal start-up advice

Your own website, hosting & marketing

Various tools to get started

The following entrepreneurs have already opted for the Starter Service

What is Revaio's Starter Service?

Starting a business requires a lot of thinking. In which sector do I want to start? What does this involve from an administrative point of view? How do I stand out in the market? How do I start a website? We get these and many more questions from entrepreneurs every day.

We combined all the questions and created an offer: the Starterservice. A service where a starting entrepreneur can get started right away for a fixed price per month. From advice on choosing the right form of business to help with your registration, a customized website to an invoicing system, everything is included!

Why choose our Starter Service?

There are several players on the market that offer a Starter Service, think Unizo or Acerta. We want to go further than these providers. With us, you not only get advice, but also a website, hosting package, billing tool and first draft of your digital marketing.

So don't sit back and start your business now with our expertise.

What is included in the Starter Service?

Enjoy the following benefits for an all-in-one price:
✅ Personal advice throughout the entire process.
✅ Assistance with connection to social security to CBE and more.
✅ A private website with corporate identity that is easy to customize.
✅ Fast hosting tailored to your business.
✅ Send invoices and quotes creatively with our own tool.
✅ Startup and advice on social/digital media.
The price? As little as €49.95 per month with no startup costs!

Wondering what we can do for you as a starter?

Feel free to inquire about the possibilities for starting your business.

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