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Project management

Marketing, communications & creation

Buying & selling guidance

We offer a spectrum of consulting services that take your business to the next level. Whether it’s business consulting, management consulting, marketing consulting, or SEO consulting, our team of experienced consultants is ready to develop a customized strategy that delivers concrete and measurable results.

E-commerce optimization

Do you have an online shop and want to accelerate growth, or are you considering starting an online store? Our marketing consultants offer proven strategies and solutions to strengthen your online presence:
✅ Improve your online store structure and site speed for a better user experience
✅ Redesigning your brand image
✅ Identifying reliable suppliers and efficient logistics solutions
✅ Implement CRM systems and automation for better management
✅ Strategies for market share gains and international expansion
Optimization of marketing and sales processes for increased sales ✅ Optimization of marketing and sales processes for increased sales

Project management

Working with our management consultants means that you always maintain a clear overview of your project, while we focus on core activities to achieve efficient results:
✅ Selection of the right partners for your project
✅ Applying the SCRUM methodology for effective team and stakeholder management
✅ Strategic project coordination with budget monitoring
✅ Promoting positive team dynamics for increased productivity

Marketing consulting

Discover how our marketing consultants can help you navigate the complex world of digital marketing to increase brand awareness and generate more leads and sales:
✅ Development and implementation of targeted communication strategies
✅ Creation of effective marketing campaigns
✅ Optimization of existing marketing channels and monitoring of new trends
✅ Improvement of ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for increased sales with less budget

Creation of presentations

Make an impression with powerful presentations. Our SEO consultants help design presentations that tell your story in a compelling way:
✅ Development of presentations in various formats.
✅ Creation of actionable flyers and posters
✅ Advice on effective media buying online and offline

Buying & selling guidance

Our business consultants provide valuable insights and guidance on buying or selling brands or business divisions, with a history of successful transactions:
✅ Guidance on sales, including contract drafting and pricing
✅ Advice on acquisition, including identification of target markets and negotiation

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