Sustainable growth strategies

Are you ready for a fresh perspective on success? Looking for both practical guidance and the motivation to actually take action?

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Analysis business activities

Strategy with objectives

Time management

Automation & internationalization

We are here to provide the right guidance and encouragement to really accelerate your growth. With our extensive experience in guiding countless brands from start-up to maturity, we understand exactly what it takes to truly grow and put the start-up phase behind you. If you are ready to move to the next level, we are the right partner for you.

Strategy & positioning

Looking for a strategy with a clear vision for all stakeholders? Or even a simple strategy exercise to get everyone on the same page? Then we are the right partner for you.
? We start by evaluating our current mission & vision, core values, achievements and future plans.
? Examine how our strategy is implemented among all stakeholders and what adjustments are needed.
? Strengthen our strategy using various tools such as a brand archetype, matrix and the business Model Canvas.
? Communicate our strategy in a clear way to all stakeholders with clear goals and possible incentives.

Disruptive innovation

We face important considerations to promote the growth of your organization. First, we explore which revenue models are best suited for your organization for sustainable success.

Then we turn our attention to transforming your brands to market leadership through innovation. This includes strategic approaches to differentiate and adapt your brands to changing market conditions.

Furthermore, we look at how advanced technologies such as AI can be leveraged for automation increasing efficiency and achieving scalability. These technological approaches can provide the foundation for further growth and competitive advantage.

Sustainability & SDGs

Looking for ways to make your business more sustainable? The United Nations requires all governments and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and be carbon neutral by 2050. In this SDG track, we focus on the following aspects:
? Evaluating the current level of compliance with sustainable goals.
? Establishing an annual plan to address a select number of SDGs.
? Engage stakeholders to work together to achieve these goals.
? Report these goals in a sustainability report.

International market exploration

Do you aspire to a larger market share in other European countries or even beyond? Or do you find that you already have a market share, but that growth is struggling? My experience includes the expansion of brands in several countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, Hungary and Sweden.
In international projects, I usually follow these steps:
? We start with a thorough analysis of current market share, competition, trends and customers, to gain insight.
? Based on that, we investigate potential new markets that may be of interest.
? I then prepare a new market analysis with possible figures for the targeted market, taking into account the available budget and time.
? I then schedule appointments with potential suppliers to explore what is feasible.
? After the logistics expansion and possible language adjustments are set up, we turn our attention to sales opportunities. Preferably, I conduct in-depth interviews for qualitative analysis.

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